I am a 2012 graduate from the University of Alberta's Bachelor of Design program. Currently I am designing out of Calgary AB, but occasionally run away to Cape Breton for a more scenic studio view. I am working hard at honing my lettering craft, and love to organize and make sense of information in a beautiful and hierarchical way. Things that make me happy are mason jars, orange pekoe tea, swimming in the ocean, old kitchen chairs, laugh lines and playing in my band.

P.S. I feel the need to briefly explain my affinity for mason jars. To me mason jars represent the feeling of home, warmth, giving, simplicity, and the preservation of a moment in time. These are all things I want people to experience while we work together through the Shan Designs process. Plus, usually anything in a mason jar is a treat!



  • Gig Posters
  • Beer or tea packaging
  • Film titles and credits
  • Hand painted kick drums
  • Joel Plaskett Album Art
  • Anything letterpress related
  • Anything for Sesame Street